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Choosing Technologies: Lerna, TypeScript and React

Check out the Git repo: https://github.com/alexnitta/woodshed About a year and a half ago, I transitioned from a job at a mature company to a job at a new startup. For the most part, I’m the only frontend developer at my company, and I essentially started building our web application from scratch. This was exciting and […]

Understanding reselect and re-reselect

TL; DR If you’re pretty comfortable with what Redux selection is and how it works, remember these tips: Keep simple selectors simple For simple use cases where we want to do a straight property lookup, all we need to do in mapStateToProps is drill down to the property we need. For example: const mapStateToProps = […]

Testing state mutations with Enzyme.js and wrapper.update()

When testing React components, I often reach for Enzyme.js, a library of testing utilities for React components developed by the team at Airbnb. It’s become a standard tool among React developers. Recently, I was testing a component that used state to determine the className given to a child component. Here’s the general idea in code: […]