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Using this.setState() in React

Interactive forms I was recently working on a form in React that looked something like this: Shipping Address: User Name 123 My Street This Town, USA 45678 [ ] Use shipping address as billing address. Billing Address: User Name 456 Other Ave That City, USA 56789 I wanted the form to have the following traits: […]

Setting up HTTPS in Node.js with Let’s Encrypt

Note: this post was updated on 10/21/16, in the crontab entry for Setting up automatic certificate renewal Check out my GitHub repo for detailed examples. Also, see: Deploying a Node.js app to DigitalOcean. In our application amblr, my team and I are using geolocation data from the browser to place the user on a map. As of Chrome […]

Deploying a Node.js app to DigitalOcean

To set up a domain name, see How To Set Up A Host Name With Digital Ocean. If you need to serve your site securely over HTTPs, see Setting up HTTPS in Node.js with Let’s Encrypt. So you want to deploy that app you made with Node? Well, DigitalOcean is one way to do it. They provide cheap, […]