Kanab Raiders, Pt. 2 Photos

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I’ve just received confirmation of the hiking permit I applied for to explore the Grand Canyon in April of 2015. I’m stoked. The backcountry of the Grand Canyon has become one of my favorite places to go backpacking. For its isolation, beauty, and challenge, there’s nothing better.

Kanab Creek, April 2014

Kanab Creek, April 2014

To tide myself through the winter, I’m happy to look back through these photos of our trip from earlier this year. Willie, Colin and I started from the overlook near the Indian Hollow trailhead, and followed a route from George Steck’s guidebook, Grand Canyon Loop Hikes. Our upcoming trip is another chapter from the same book, and will travel through similar terrain, mostly cross-country, in Tuckup Canyon.

There is also a video from this hike here.


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