Kinney Lakes

Last Friday, W. and I drove up to the Ebbetts Pass area. We walked north for about two and a half miles on the Pacific Crest Trail to Upper Kinney Lake and stayed there for two nights. On Saturday, we day-hiked up to the unnamed peak to the north of the lake, where we had panoramas of the crest of the Sierras to both the north and south. During late spring, the snow lingers on the northern slope of the mountains. From our view, that meant that peaks to the north were mostly bare rock.

Peaks to the south showed us their snowy side

Peaks to the south showed us their snowy side

After exploring the peak, we headed down to Raymond Meadow and ate lunch by a snowmelt creek. We had a few bouts of rain throughout the weekend, which lent a dramatic misty backdrop to the scenery and highlighted the neon colors of the lichen that grow on the volcanic rock. On Sunday morning, we retraced our steps back to the car, enjoying the early morning cold as it warmed into an almost-summer day. It was a short but satisfying trip.

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