Amblr is a mobile-first app built in Angular with Ionic. It allows users to explore a city on foot and see interesting locations while avoiding unsafe places – kind of like Waze, but for walkers.

amblr_animationAs Scrum Master, I ensured that the team was unblocked and able to meet sprint deadlines, while also handling key engineering tasks:
● Implemented Passport authentication and user management for OAuth extensibility
● Configured Grunt automation of development environment to enforce style guide standards
● Automated DigitalOcean deployment with Git hooks for rapid iteration

Check out the GitHub repo

The journey to simple and good

I have 12 days until I start at Hack Reactor, a software development bootcamp here in San Francisco. It’s an intensive, three month dive into full-stack web development. The idea is to immerse oneself in code, build a community of like-minded engineers, and mostly, to learn how to learn. While it sounds like a simple idea, adopting the mindset of a self-supported learner is not always easy. But I’m looking forward to the challenge, and I’m stoked about expanding my knowledge at a rapid pace.

I’ve heard it said that visual artists follow a typical progression as they gain skill:

simple & bad -> complex & bad -> complex & good -> simple & good

In my experience, this applies to code as well. Here’s to the journey towards simple and good.