Downgrading a DigitalOcean Droplet with ServerPilot & WordPress

If you are a WordPress admin looking for a way to downgrade your DigitalOcean droplet, you probably came across their article How To Downgrade DigitalOcean Droplets, which tells you to use rsync to move files from your old droplet to the new droplet. If you are using using ServerPilot to manage your DigitalOcean server, do not follow these instructions. ServerPilot has an article called Cloning and Resizing Servers that explicitly tells you not to use rsync. There are a few problems with rsync – basically, it will not correctly clone your ServerPilot configuration, so your new site will not work. Here’s a more automated method using a WordPress plugin called ManageWP, which I found to be a better solution:

  1. Create a new server on Digital Ocean – do this using the smaller subscription that you want to downgrade to.
  2. Connect the new server to Server Pilot
  3. Install WordPress with one click on the new server
  4. Install Manage WP on both sites (you need to install the plugin under the same account in both sites – just do the sections titled Install the ManageWP Worker Plugin and Set Up ManageWP).
  5. Migrate WordPress with Manage WP 
  6. Go to the new IP address in a browser and verify that it works
  7. Update DNS records with GoDaddy to point to the new site

If you found this useful or have any feedback on this process, leave a comment!


GitAchieve allows you to compete with other GitHub users to improve productivity through gamification.



GitAchieve was developed by a team. As Product Owner, I led the team in identifying key features and managing the backlog, as well as contributing on several key engineering tasks:

● Designed RESTFul API in Node/Express to serve custom GitHub datasets to the frontend
● Formulated Postgres SQL queries to persist relational user data
● Set up continuous integration with TravisCI for code quality and rapid iteration
● Leveraged Gulp automation to build, test and deploy production code

GitAchieve is deployed to an EC2 instance on AWS.

Check out the GitHub repo

Hurryup 2.0

Hurryup 2.0 is a personal events manager with text notifications and route mapping, designed in React Native for iOS.


As a software engineer on the Hurryup 2.0 team, I helped refactor and augment the Hurryup 1.0 codebase:
● Augmented Twilio integration to provide more robust notification system
● Centralized state management in React Native to increase modularity and separate concerns
● Refactored use of AJAX promises in legacy code to resolve issues with browser updates

Though the team did not deploy Hurryup 2.0 to the App Store, the source code is available on GitHub.